If you need to prepare a painted surface without stripping all of the paint, the Circular SanderVac™ Pro is a fast, clean, cost effective choice.

The Circular SanderVac™ Pro can be used on wood, fiberglass, circular-sandervac-proshingles, clapboards, shakes and all flat surfaces.

The clear polycarbonate dust shroud with nylon bristles allows you to attach a wet/dry or HEPA vacuum to create a clean work area.

The Circular SanderVac™ Pro with E-Z View Sanding Pads can be used for preparing lead and non-lead painted surfaces.

Heavy duty E-Z View Sanding Pads last twice as long as standard sanding pads. Available in 24, 36 ,50, and 80 grit.

“Quick Twist” on/off mounting system for easy sanding pad replacement.

Used by Professionals such as Sydney Soda Blasting for professional results and a cleaner and healthier environment.