The HEAT-N-STRIP™ is an infrared heater that is used to strip paint and varnish from doors, windors, frames, columns, architectural woodwork, soffits, corner boards, fascia boards, hardwood floors, clapboards, shingles, window glazing, metal surfaces, etc…

Just place the HEAT-N-STRIP™on the surface to heat-n-stripbe stripped for 20-60 seconds and then scrape the softened paint from the surface with a carbide scraper.

The HEAT-N-STRIP™ only heats the paint to approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit making it safe for lead paint removal.

Standard heat guns heat the paint to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit which creates dangerous fumes and a fire hazard.

Use the unique hands-free retaining pins to hold the HEAT-N-STRIP™ on vertical surfaces eliminating the need for expensive arms and accessories.

The heating elements last up to 5000 hours and are very easy to replace.

The heating elements are made out of glass and may break if you drop the HEAT-N-STRIP™. We recommend that you purchase an extra set of heating elements to have on hand.

The HEAT-N-STRIP™ is Environmentally Safe and meets EPA guidelines for lead paint removal.

Built-in Thermal Circuit Breaker protects against overheating.

Sydney Soda Blasting’s YEARS OF EXPERIENCE have led us to the RIGHT PRODUCTS for each job and this one is an invaluable tool when it comes to doing the job right for you each and every time!