The Paintshaver comes with Tungsten Carbide blades marine-shaver-proand the Marineshaver comes with Diamond blades.

The Variable Speed MarineShaver™ Pro strips gelcoat and anti-fouling paint from fiberglass boats and paint from wooden boats at a rate of 1 square foot in 20 seconds. You can strip the gelcoat on a 30 foot sailboat in about 8 hours. It will also strip coatings from concrete and steel surfaces. Works on large curved surfaces like boat bottoms.

The ecologically safe MarineShaver™ Pro with dust-collector allows retrieval of the stripped debris into a wet/dry or HEPA vacuum.

The MarineShaver™ Pro comes standard with our New Diamond Tipped Blades which are designed for harder gelcoat and epoxy coatings.

The Replaceable Diamond Tipped Blades do not generate excessive heat and will last up to 5000 square feet on gelcoat and anti-fouling paint and up to 500 square feet on concrete and steel.

The MarineShaver™ Pro eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals and sandblasting. Abrasive grinding of gelcoat creates heat that could damage fiberglass laminates and substrates.

The depth of cut is fully adjustable from 0 to .100” (2.5mm).

The MarineShaver™ Pro is portable, lightweight, inexpensive to operate and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Other gelcoat strippers use a drum type cutter which will only work on fiberglass sail boats. The MarineShaver™ Pro will strip gelcoat and anti-fouling paint from power boats with strakes, sailboats, wood lapstrake, plywood, steel and aluminum boats.

Sydney Soda Blasting used the right tool for the OPTIMUM FINISH on your project every time!